Monday, July 26, 2010

Week Three Wrap Up - Q&A with Alex and Erin

Week Three wrapped up with a question-and-answer session with Alex and Erin. The students were free to ask anything they wanted. A lot of the questions centered on choosing their post-secondary education. Both Alex and Erin said their best suggestion was to research schools and training programs extensively and to choose the program that was the best fit for THEM. Erin summed it up by saying as long as the program they chose meant something specific to them and they could clearly articulate why they chose a particular program, they would be fine. They discussed the merits of attending a college or university versus a conservatory.

Dane jumped in and made the point that much of their postsecondary education would depend on how much they embraced and even created the experience for themselves. Alex made some excellent points on how to balance sports and performing arts, which often have competing schedules. Other topics of conversation included what kind of wages a working actor makes in New York City, how to find auditions, and how to keep one's spirits up throughout the process.

Eric took good notes...

Alex and Erin have been married a couple years now, and I just love watching them interact both as professionals and as a couple. They really are a dynamic duo...

After the discussion, Alex and Erin got a rousing standing ovation by the students. They really are an exceptional couple and they work so well together. We were so blessed to have them this week. Thanks so much, you two!

See you next year, we hope!

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