Sunday, July 25, 2010

A special, surprise tap performance by Chris Rutledge

The students got a special treat during Week Three each night after Christi's class. Chris Rutledge is a tap dancer who creates paintings using paint and, wait for it...HIS TAP SHOES! Unfortunately we couldn't create a painting on the MCT stage, but he demonstrated his technique for the students. Read his bio here. He also talked a lot about performing arts as a vocation and putting one's soul into one's work. Like all the teachers at Next Step, Chris had tremendous passion for what he does, and he shared that passion both through his words and his performance. I don't even need to insert commentary into this blog post. The photos speak for themselves.

And, I've just been informed that he'll be on staff at On Center Dance beginning this September! Woo hoo!!!!

The images, however, don't do his performance justice...

Thanks for an inspiring performance, Chris. It was a great surprise!

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